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Lord Of The Flies Project - - Period 2

The Island
Quiz on Chapter 1
Quiz on Chapter 2
Quiz on Chapter 3
Quiz on chapter 4
Quiz on Chapter 5
Quiz on Chapter 6
Quiz on Chapter 7
Quiz on chapter 8
Quiz on Chapter 9
Quiz on chapter 10
Quiz on Chapter 11
Quiz on Chapter 12

Quiz on Chapter 6




  1. Who wrote this novel?_________________



  1. Why is this chapter called what it is called?




  1. Why does the parachutist seem to move from sitting straight to bowing his head forward?




  1. Describe the twins (other than the fact that they look the same).





  1. Who says “We don’t need the conch anymore.  We know who ought to say things.”? 





  1. What did Simon think of when he “thought of the beast”?


  1. Who walked side by side with Ralph?____________________________




  1. Who went first onto the rocky cliffs?_______________________


  1. What do the majority of the boys want to do instead of relighting the signal fire or searching for the beast?





  1. Who led the boys down the rocks across the bridge?________________________

Lord Of The Flies - - period 2 - - By Shane Kelley