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Lord Of The Flies Project - - Period 2

The Island
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Quiz on Chapter 2


the following is a quiz on Chapter one...
or Maybe future Reading check questions...?

   What has already happened to the choir by the first paragraph of this chapter?






2.      What rules do the boys set up for meetings?  Why?





3.      What new information do we get regarding how the boys ended up on the island?





4.      What is the small boy with the birthmark worried about?  How do the others react to this fear?





5.      Why do the boys applaud Ralph?





6.      Why do the boys decide to build a fire?  How do they get it started?






7.      What happens to the boys’ “small fire”? 





8.      Is the rule the boys set up earlier (see question 2) still followed at the end of this chapter?  What might this symbolize?


Lord Of The Flies - - period 2 - - By Shane Kelley