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Lord Of The Flies Project - - Period 2

The Island
Quiz on Chapter 1
Quiz on Chapter 2
Quiz on Chapter 3
Quiz on chapter 4
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Quiz on Chapter 7
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Quiz on Chapter 1


the following is a quiz on Chapter one...
or Maybe future Reading check questions...?

  1. Where is this novel set?  How do you think the characters came to be in this setting?





  1. How do the boys’ reactions differ when they realize that there are no grownups on the island?




  1. Describe Piggy.





  1. Who does Ralph think will rescue him?  Why does he think this? 





  1. What does Ralph do with the conch?  Why?




  1. How is Jack described?




  1. Why does Ralph win the election?




  1. What is Ralph’s first decision as chief?




  1. What happens when Simon, Ralph, and Jack find the pig?  Why do you think this happens? 




Lord Of The Flies - - period 2 - - By Shane Kelley