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Lord Of The Flies Project - - Period 2

The Island
Quiz on Chapter 1
Quiz on Chapter 2
Quiz on Chapter 3
Quiz on chapter 4
Quiz on Chapter 5
Quiz on Chapter 6
Quiz on Chapter 7
Quiz on chapter 8
Quiz on Chapter 9
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Quiz on Chapter 11
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Quiz on Chapter 12





1.      Why, in Ralph’s opinion, was Bill not really Bill? 




2.      What thing does Ralph find that may or may not be lifeless? 




3.      Who are the two newest members of Jack’s tribe?




4.      What did Roger do in preparation for hunting Ralph?





5.      What big, 3 part decision does Ralph have to make even though he has “no time to think”? 






6.      Who said: “Fun and games”?




7.      What do Ralph and the other boys do at the end of the novel?




8.      How does the officer react to this?




9.      Do you like the ending of this book?  Why or why not?

Lord Of The Flies - - period 2 - - By Shane Kelley