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Lord Of The Flies Project - - Period 2

The Island
Quiz on Chapter 1
Quiz on Chapter 2
Quiz on Chapter 3
Quiz on chapter 4
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Quiz on chapter 4


 1.      What “mirage” do the boys see at midday? (page 53) 



2.      Why does Roger intentionally miss Henry with the stones?  What keeps him from hitting him?





3.      Why does Jack paint his face?





4.      Why do the boys view Piggy as an outsider?





5.      What do the boys see on page 60?






6.      Why is the fire out? 






7.      What are the hunters chanting when they arrive on the scene?  What does this illustrate?






8.      What does Jack do to Piggy?  Why?

Lord Of The Flies - - period 2 - - By Shane Kelley